About Sheila Tucker


I love literature. Hope you do too. My blog will be partly about  poetry and prose, both historical and contemporary: hence my blog name “joyoftheword” – I hope the texts I choose will do for you what they have done for me.

However, it’s not going to just be about the written word. Yeah, I know, most folks have one theme for their blogs, but I’ve never been one to follow those kinds of rules and so my blog has TWO themes: like I said, literature…and…Canada.

Let me explain.

Like many folks in Canada, I disembarked from far shores – a different continent which is now a changed world in itself. That distant land is, for me, a previous life and another time, much of which I recall with fuzzy warmth and fondness, but that was then and this is now. Canada is my present life, my new world.

This is a multicultural land, with a wealth of natural beauty as well as opportunity. I feel lucky to be here. In the same way that I bubble enthusiastically when asked about  Britain – its geography, population and environment – so, too, I wish to discuss Canada in equally enthusiastic terms. We all know about our home countries. How much do we know about the land where we have ended up? This blog, then, is partly my way of appreciating Canada: its places, its people and its literary works. Over the months and years, it’ll be my hobby: learning “bits n’pieces” – trivia, poems, general tidbits, novels, anecdotes – about this country, which I’ll then share with you. I’ll start with Ontario, where I live. So – expect photos of this country; poems and prose and bios about writers; suggestions of what to see in Canada; medleys of literary importance; famous quotes and why I think they’re relevant. You get the picture.

Best regards to you all.

Sheila Tucker


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